December 08, 2009

Advent Calendar

Here is my advent calendar which I made last year.  It is made of hand dyed wool (I used Dynaflow to dye it).  I think it turned out rather nice and looks great on my wall.  It did get a bit ruffled from storage so will be
looking for a box to store it in for next year - something to keep it flat.  As you can see, I have not yet pulled out all the days yet - I think I took the photo on December 4.  I am not really enamored of the ornaments - need to see what else I can come up with for them.  They are really pretty beads but they don't register from very far away - you mostly see the yarn that is holding them.  This is an easy project - you don't have to dye the wool - you can purchase a wide range of colors of wool felt and polyester felt from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Not much sewing either - mostly cutting time on the branches of the tree.  I added a sleeve in the back and bought a thin slat of wood into which I screwed small eye hooks into - this allows the calendar to hang flat on the wall.

Am still working on the project I promised you.  Directions on the pegboard project in Lowes Creative Magazine said to purchase 1-1/4" screws, but they were too long for the 1" wood and 1/8" pegboard.   My brother came over, assessed the situation and took over!  When I got home from work on Sunday, my brother had put both pieces of pegboard together, my nephew had painted the small one to go in my studio (it is so beautiful!), and together they had installed the big piece of pegboard in the garage.  Unfortunately, I mismeasured the space for the small pegboard and now have to move some furniture and stuff to put it up but will definitely share a photo when it is installed and in use! 

I am heading to the studio now so wish me luck!  HG  Belinda

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