December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Strange how on the last day of 2009 I have suddenly become so popular with my family.  Have plans to go to dinner with my sister this evening and then last night my mom called so we had lunch today while my car got some much needed TLC (oil change and tire rotation).  Seems at the old year is winding down, people are reaching out to connect.  Kind of makes for a busy large day but good to get all of it over in one day so I have Friday and Saturday to play in my studio!  (also need to clean but we don't discuss that here) 

Bought some ping pong balls and new paddles today (got the inexpensive paddles - will reward myself later with nice ones if I wear these out).  Played one person ping pong for about 45 minutes - cats kept trying to jump in and play too but the concept of hit the ball back was just too much for them.  They played chase the ball until it stops moving and wait for another ball to fly off the table or some variation thereof.  Surprised how much exercise it is to hit a tiny ball, chase the tiny ball, move the furniture to find the tiny ball, take the tiny ball from the cat . . . Whew!  Now I need a nap!

Anyway, before I have to run off and meet my sister for dinner just wanted to take a few minutes to recap 2009.  It had its good parts and bad parts and no so anything parts but I will be sad to see it go and happy to see it go.  So much for some great pithy close.  Welcome 2010 - Here's to another year of art and the art of life!  Happy Giraffe - Belinda

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