January 10, 2010


I received an email from a doll club friend commenting on my 12/13/2009 blog post re Changes, Dreams and Possibilities.  She does not have a google account so emailed me directly:

Haven't checked in on your beautiful blog for a while, but wanted you to know that I'm out here :-) Life is not static, so it would be weird to find one group of people, or one form of artistic expression, to stay attached to forever.  Your dreams sound scary but exciting, like sitting at the top of a roller coaster.
I'm not very good at making friends either.  It sounds selfish, but there's so much to learn and do just by yourself, and work and family and everyday life already take up so much time.  It's hard work to guard those blocks of time to really get into a project.
Hooray for three-day weekends!!!  Andrea
Andrea is one of the people I will miss when I stop attending doll club meetings.  I totally respect the guarding time for one's self and learning best when alone. 

I will post some journal pages later today.  Until then, HG  Belinda

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