January 10, 2010

Journal Pages - Color, Color, Color!



Journal pages painted last night and today.  I have almost painted all the pages of this journal and will soon need to start another one.  I am really loving discovering color and what works and how to fix what does not.  I am going to have to order more paint - I am about halfway through 2 of my mediums which I must not run out of and several paint colors are running low.  Although I am enjoying the painting process, I have not yet gotten to the actual journalling part.  When I am in the studio, I find that I would rather be painting than writing.  However, I think that will change the more comfortable I get with painting and mixing colors - I will start to create pages that scream for text and subject matter.  Meanwhile, I am working on my writing skills with a calligraphy pen - tend to like my writing better the faster I write - but I also want to learn some calligraphy - have a pad and some books so must get to that sometime.  I bought some lovely calligraphy pen handles in red and blue and I love, love, love playing around with the different tips.  Can't wait to see where this all leads but for now am happy to just be having fun and enjoying the journey.  Hope 2010 is treating you kindly!  HG!  Belinda

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violette said...

I love your pages Belinda.......they are so juicy and full of colour. I'm sure when you are ready to add text and images they will even spring to life more.

Sorry about your migranes......on the upside......your painting is beautiful!

Love, Violette