March 19, 2010

Art Interrupted

After Lucy's big art weekend, it was a while before I got back into the studio to paint.  I ordered some tables and bookcases to replace the cutting table I have been using.  The new tables came in and my brother and his wife, Bryan and Lisa, came over and while Lisa cleaned (she cleans every 2 weeks for me), Bryan put together the new studio stuff.  Had to dash into the studio and quickly clean off the cutting table so we could move it out (sent it home with Lisa as I have another cutting table I have had for at least 11 years and like better).  The tables are bar table height which is a nice height for standing and working or sitting - I have a bar table in my living room and the chairs are the perfect height for both tables.  One chair always seems to be in the studio but that is okay because the table in the living room is against the wall.  The bookcases were the perfect height to go under the tables for additional storage space.  So, I have spent the last couple of weekends cleaning the studio and putting stuff away.  I have also been working on a few paintings which are not yet ready to be posted.

I had done 2 paintings for the GPP February challenge but missed the deadline due to Lucy's extended visit:

I worked on this painting while Lucy was here.  In person this looks more magenta but photographed with a lot more blue.  The blue is mostly Neocolor II crayons.

I will post a photo of the journal I made with Lucy and post some of the new stuff I have been working on tomorrow.

As you may remember, I have damaged the upper joint in my thumb which makes it hard to make dolls.  I had thought that perhaps it was time to find something else to focus on creatively.  However, recently I have realized that I really miss making dolls.  I spent so much time learning and growing as a doll artist that it seems such a shame to turn my back on it.  I will have to be careful of my thumb and try to come up with ways to protect it, but I think that dollmaking is going to be a permanent part of my creative life even if it takes a year or more to make one doll.  I see ideas for dolls everywhere - I even dream of making them.  I love painting too so perhaps I will find a way to bring them both together.  Happy Giraffe!  Belinda

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michelle ward said...

Belinda - while I was visiting here for Crusade No. 39 I came across this post! I added a link to it for C37. Love seeing your XO work, regardless of the timing.

I'm sorry about your thumb and that you have had to scale back on doll making. Think of it as a time to gather ideas. By the time you get back to it you will be bursting with inspiration!