April 30, 2010

Day with Lucy

Several weeks ago I spent the day with my niece, Lucy.  We went to downtown Indianapolis to pedal boat - great fun if you have never tried it - tricky getting in and out of them but otherwise, great fun.  We spent about an hour on the canal and then headed to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  We spent an hour on one floor of the museum looking at cool stuff - the textile part was closed which was a bummer because we both were looking forward to seeing the exhibits.  We left the museum in search of ice cream and had an adventure getting lost - finally found our way back and got our ice cream too.  The rest of the day we spent on the grounds of the museum - in particular the grounds surrounding the house above.  Not sure of the official name of the house but it is a cool place to hang out even if the house is not open for touring (weird day that we went on!)

There were lots of people on the grounds - although we saw only a handful.  Several couples getting engaged and getting engagement photos taken.  A large family having a picnic.   We spent part of our time sitting with our handmade sketchbooks sketching - Lucy did some great sketches of the landscape while I concentrated on trying to capture the textures of various parts of the landscape. 
Lucy sketching on a hill. 

Wonderful paths that meander.  I imagine in Summer it is quite beautiful.
I thought these rocks looked like old women sitting, watching and commenting on the world.  Took a ton of photographs - too many to post here.  Definitely recommend a trip to the Indianapolis Art Museum - free parking, free exhibits, free grounds.  However, if you want ice cream, you will have to go elsewhere!  Happy Giraffe!  Belinda

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