April 24, 2010

GPP Street Team Challenge 39

After pulling a ton of prints using the techniques from challenge 39, I played around with the techniques on a painting.  Turned out really cool - bright and sunny.  I call it Ode to Sunflowers.  I planted about 25 small starter cups of sunflowers and it has been a treat watching them come up - will soon have to pull out all but  the strongest plant in each cup and am dreading that but also dreaming of tons of beautiful sunflowers.  [No word yet from the pumpkin seeds!]

Have much to post - just not enough time to get it all done in a day!  Getting a migraine so will sign off as usual - Happy Giraffe!  Belinda


michelle ward said...

Definitely bright and sunny! So is the background from a print? Love the texture and those embedded suns - alot like your emerging sunflowers :)

Mescrap said...

What a cheerful background !!
Love the texture !