May 22, 2010

Wind in my Helmeted Hair!

The last several summers I have fondly recalled the joy and wonder I always felt on a  bike.  When I was five, my bike was red and I used to sing made up songs while I rode around the block.  When I was 7, I got my sister's hand-me-down bike - a blue bike w/a banana seat - very cool!   When I was a teenager, maybe 12 or 13,  for my birthday my dad took me to a bike shop and let me pick out a bike - I chose a boys 10 speed, white w/denim seat and denim tape wrapping the curly handlebars.  My mom said I specifically wanted a boys bike - no idea why.  It was difficult to get on and off and although not as painful as it might be to a guy, falling on the bar still hurt!  But  I loved that bike!  I loved that bike so much!  That bike was so great you could ride with no hands even around corners!  It was my chariot and I loved it.  But it got left behind when I grew up and moved away from home.  I eventually sold it to my little sister who sold it to someone else (even though we had an agreement that if she ever wanted to sell it, she had to give me first dibs). 

Last summer I really wanted a bike but never seemed to find the opportunity.  Thursday night as I lay in bed thinking about my life, I thought of all the things that had given me great joy and there near the top of that list was my bike.  So yesterday I got on the computer and started researching bikes - wow, there are so many different bikes available now along with a plethora of accessories.  I did lots of homework and settled on getting a comfort bike.  Today I went to a local bike shop (which I had also researched) and rode a couple of bikes.  The first one freaked me out a bit.  Okay, so I have not ridden a bike in about 20 years and because of brain surgery, my balance is a little bit off; however that bike was scary - I barely pedaled and it shot out like a light!  Turning was terrifying.  The gal assisting me had put me on a 13" bike because I am only 5'5" and in addition to being shorter, it was also more compact and that was what was messing me up.  She brought out the same brand bike but a 16" frame and bingo - I found my dream bike.  Okay, so not exactly my dream bike - it is black (not pink or white) and it has 24 speeds (WHAT!); but it rides like heaven!  I am in love with my bike!   Here's a photo from the bike store website - my bike is all in black, even the seat, cords and stuff.  The only color is my pink water bottle holder and white helmet.

I will eventually add a pink electronic device - all the rage - and a black basket to the front for taking books to the library.  I may even add a bell - bikes should have bells, don't you think?  ChingaChing ChingaChing   Today I got a bike rack so I could take my bike home with me and also take it wherever I want to - cool!  I got a bag to hold my extra inner tube, tools, carbon dioxide containers, water bottle holder, lock, and some other stuff.  I still need to get a pump, bike stand, and basket for hauling library books, beads, stamps, etc.

So I took my bike for a ride when I got home and made it around the block without falling or dying - was wheezing a bit.  I took a break to drink some water and took another lap.  Going to have to build up to the library which is about 1-2 miles away.  But I love it - nothing better than a bike!  I love my bike!   Happy trails!  Belinda

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