August 15, 2010

Spray Paint

Had a rough day today - migraine arrived at 3:00 p.m. just as I was getting started on cleaning.  Was planning to get some cleaning done and then head to the studio for a massive sewing session when it hit.  Got a little bit done but not as much as I had hoped.  Just as well - my sister in law who cleans the floors and bathroom also had a migraine.  I get more done when she is here than on my own when it comes to cleaning.  Anyway, after a disappointing day, I headed to the studio finally at midnight and actually had a great time playing with tags and spray painting.  Montana Gold spray paint is so much fun - it is great for painting, stenciling - but the part I love about it is if you use a stencil, you can press the wet paint on the stencil off onto another piece of painting and sometimes the layers of paint already on the stencil peels off in cool textures and patterns.  So that is kind of what I did tonight! 

First I painted a bunch of tags

Then because I was having so much fun, I started working on pages in my journal

I really liked this - used some new letter stamps and played around with one of my favorite stamps.  Liked it too much to cover it with the tags so played around creating a new background

Then played with placing the tags on the page

Not sure how I am going to attach the tags to the book - I like the idea of being able to remove them but am not sure whether I want to use something like brads or punch holes in the pages an use ribbon or something like that.  I really like all the tags on the page - the background is not so busy it competes with the tags.

Here is a book cover I worked on recently - it turned out really cool - unfortunately, getting a good photo is difficult with or without a flash.

The close ups kind of show the effect you get when you stencil and then press the stencil onto another piece of paper.  I love it - it is so random and you never know what you will get.  Lots of yummy texture.  This will eventually cover a journal but have to make a bunch of book blocks first - ho hum - not very exciting.

Well, tomorrow definitely have to get some cleaning done before work.  Have a great creative week.  Happy Giraffe, Belinda

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