October 26, 2010

Costume Crazy

The whole month of October has pretty much been devoted to making 3 Halloween costumes - a medieval dress for me in a cream, blue and pink brocade, a cinderella inspired dress for my niece with over 16 yards of sparkly tulle (there are blue sparlies everywhere in my house!), and a knight costume for my nephew.  My nephew's costume has been put on hold as he is in Texas with his father.  His grandfather is slowly declining and he stayed to help his dad say awake on the drive home when they finally leave (sweet boy).  My niece's costume is almost done - beading and finishing need to get done in the next 3 days as we are having a Halloween Party!  Crazy!  I'll post photos of us in our costumes after the party.  Since I am pretty much focused on costumes this month, not doing much artistically other than redrafting patterns and instructions (no wonder no one sews anymore - the patterns available on the market are terrible!).  My niece's dress has been a particular challenge as we could not find a pattern for the bodice she wanted (saw it in a movie).  Had to build it up from the bones of another pattern.  My dress is done and it is beautiful. Thankfully my dress went pretty well - only a few minor modifications to make the fit more flattering.  Would like to make shoes to match (more like slippers or moccasins) but may not have time.  Just wanted to check in and let you know that I am still alive, just living in my studio (when I'm not at work or sleeping!).  Happy Giraffe!  Belinda 

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