October 30, 2011


 Sophia Silvermist, Elfie Thorn and Bella Rose

Saturday Night, my brother and his family hosted a Halloween Party at their house.  Several months before, my nieces and I talked about Halloween costumes and decided to dress as fairies. I found the cutest tutus on line at http://www.costumesfairy.com/    CostumesFairy also sells striped tights and fingerless glove sets that match. (not affiliated just very happy with our tutus etc.)  Jillyan (green fairy left) found her wings on clearance but Lucy and I decided we wanted to be creative and make our own.  Given that we were going to dress at my house and then travel to the party, we wanted our wings to be removable.  I searched online and found a few heavy duty Cosplay wing harness designs.  We didn't need anything that heavy duty but it did give me an idea for a basic harness we could wear under our clothing.  It basically consists of a piece of wood covered in batting and parachute fabric, strapping material sewn on to go over the shoulders and around the upper chest and snaps to connect it all up (buckle in front for around chest).  Small diameter pvc pipes (cut to about 8" in length) were then screwed into the wood.  Lucy (right pink fairy) wore a shirt that showed some of the harness:
So when we arrived at the party, we simply slid the wing wires into the pvc pipe. (driving with the harness pressing into my back was a little uncomfortable at first but after a while, hardly thought about it).  The harness was brilliant because it spread the weight of the wings over the upper body instead of just one place.  Easy to run and jump and not worry about losing your wings.  We ran out of time to do it, but the PVC pipe can be notched to keep the wings in the same place  - we let ours kind of move on their own.  The silk caught the slight breeze and was so beautiful!

A couple of weeks ago, Lucy came over and we dyed the silk for the wings using Procion MX dyes.  Friday night, Lucy added more detail to her wings with pens and paint, and markers (ran out of time to do mine).  We then burned the edges of the silk with a soldering iron and wood burning tool.  You can use a candle but you have to be more careful and keep some water nearby cause the silk can catch on fire.  Want to open a window or turn on a fan when doing this.  As you work with the silk and soldering iron, the iron gets really gunky - you can remove the gunk with a wet sponge (or sand paper if you are careful).  Anyway, burning the edges  gave the silk such a lovely lacy edge - perfect for fairies!  You can't really tell from the photos, but I put holes and "tears" in my wings to give them some age and character (kind of like me). I took Lucy home at 11:30 p.m. and stayed up until 4:00 a.m. finishing my wings!

I spent some time here and there the last couple of months checking out makeup tutorials online and started to collect some makeup for us.  Although we had a lot of makeup products to use (MAC, NYX, Lime Crime, and other misc items), we all agreed that Sugarpill's (www.sugarpillshop.com) loose eyeshadow was our favorite - goes on so bright and stays bright!  I haven't gotten all the photos from the party but I hope we have some good ones showing our makeup.  I also bought some glitter and our faces were so brilliantly sparking in the sun - I told them we must be vampire fairies!  I bought the most beautiful lip stick from MAC Cosmetics - I wanted to wear black but Lime Crime's black made my skin look weird so I was getting some prep & prime from MAC and found this awesome lipstick color!  Mattene Potent Fig!  Love this lipstick - wearing it all the time! Getting so many compliments.  Over that, I put NYX http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/ LG115 African Queen lip gloss and it looks so amazing!  I do have to say I do not like the African Queen alone on me but over the Potent Fig, OMG!  I think my skin has a lot of pink in it and the African Queen is really pink with a kiss of lavender.  We also loved the NYX HD Eye Shadow base - it worked brilliantly!  Lime Crime's eyeshadow was a huge hit too!  Especially, cupcake thief!  www.limecrimemakeup.com

I bought some false eyelashes from NYX and one from Sally's Beauty.  None of us had worked with false eyelashes before but Lucy really has a gift for putting them on.  The false eyelashes worn by the girls had sparkles or diamonds on the.  Mine had feathers on them - a long one at the outside of the eye.  Kind of weird but also fun.

I did not have time to do anything with my hair (that's natural folks!), I did curl Lucy and Jillyan's hair using these really cool curling irons - you use a glove with them - wrap the hair around and hold for 10 minutes, still holding them (with the gloved hand), pull the curl off the iron and hold the curl until it cools for great curly hair.  Note to the wise, get an extra glove cause you do tend to use both hands depending on which side you are curling.   (the girls have asked for these curling irons for Christmas).  Had a great time at the party despite the cool temperatures.  The fire pit was really nice!

Saturday night after the party, they spent the night at my house - stayed up until 3:00 a.m. playing with makeup and talking!  On our way home, we stopped at McDonalds - We had been eating pixie sticks all night so needed something salty!  

Today I took Lucy home at 1:00 p.m. and then Jillyan and I ran some errands and came back home and played with more makeup (Lucy "borrowed" the Sugarpill, Lime Crime and glitter items so we only had the regular stuff!)  Jillyan's father came to pick her up about 5 and helped me with my pumpkin - I'll write about that tomorrow - very cool technique using a dremel~

Happy creating and giraffes in your dreams!  Belinda 

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