May 27, 2012

Life has a funny way of screwing you up, breaking you down and then putting things back together in a much better way.  Too bad you have to go through all the crap to get to the good stuff.  My life the last two years has been so grey and dark- too much to tell and not enough time but let's just say, it has been a tough couple of years.  Things are finally starting to look up and I am feeling more optimistic than I have in a long time!  I am off work for the next 8 days and am hoping to use that time to start transforming my home and studio to prepare for the new person I want to be and am trying to be.  No more sleeping in until I have to go to work.  No more eating yucky food (okay so maybe a few more days of eating yucky food).   Moving more deliberately - working out and riding my bike.  Getting stuff done in all areas of my home and life.  And most importantly, getting back to my favorite thing in the whole entire world - art and creating.  And sharing with you.

My goal for this year is adventure  - to try new things.  So I have started creating adventure dates with my nieces and nephews.

April 6 was ziplining with my niece - here is a video of us on the 1220 foot screamer at Explore Brown County -  it was awesome!  Want so much to go back and do this again and again!

Next up it was rock wall climbing on May 6:  My first effort at video editing so go easy on me!  The video is a compilation of everyone's most successful climb.  We had a great time even though we were all exhausted afterwards.

After rock wall climbing, we went to BK and sat in the parking lot all singing along to a song on the radio.  On the way home we did 3 Chinese fire drills and ran around the round-abouts multiple times.  I had such a great time!  We are scheduled to do something on June 2 but I think that might have to be put on hold since my AC is slowly dying.

My sister-in-law, and also one of my best friends,  and I went out to eat for my birthday.  I had never been to Stone Creek Dining Company so we went there - the food was so good!  Finally, a steak cooked exactly the way I like it.  More adventure - trying new restaurants!

Well my day is about over but have tons to do tomorrow.  See you soon and Happy Giraffes!  B

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