July 02, 2012

Brand New Bag! Brand new plan!

Bag Front

Bag Back
Bag with contents
 I like using a hardback journal to track my spending and expenses (never liked using a check register).  The journal in the photo is my 5th journal and I really like the size.  I also like being able to take my finances with me and work on them when I have time.  I have been carrying  a Fly Lady purple bag, but since I had started Financial Peace University, I wanted something that screamed financial peace and would keep me on my budget!  And the flylady bag was really too large to put in my financial peace drawer.  Not to mention the fact that my cats liked laying on the purple bag and it was always furry when I grabbed it.

I had dyed some canvas a few years ago and decided to use it to make a custom bag just big enough to carry my journal and my case with my pen, pencil, eraser and calculator.  [I eventually want to make a new case for my pens, etc. but I ran out of canvas working on this and I need another zipper.]  It was a real learning experience as I did not have a pattern.  I originally started out making a cover but realizing that I carry my bills in my journal meant a cover would not keep all of my papers and bills together.  So I had to make some adjustments to the original cover to make it work.  I "borrowed" a zipper from another project and painted the edges of the zipper so it would look like I meant to use it.  The FP Bag turned out really bright and colorful and fits in my FP drawer perfectly.  I like how bright and colorful it is - it makes me smile when I carry it around.  I am smiling a lot these days thinking of being debt free - will take about 3 years but I am so determined to make it!  

My next project is doing a mock up in batting of a jacket I want to make - want to get the pattern just right before I cut into my super special fabric.  I have been wanting to use the super special fabric for years and think I have finally found the perfect pattern.

I am also working on an unusual nativity set that was started in a class several years ago.  My mom has offered to sew pinbacks on some pindolls for me so I need to get thread organized and ready to go with those. Thanks Mom!  Looking forward to getting more stuff done and out of the studio.  I am setting up an etsy shop in the next month or so and am excited about being able to sell some of my handmade stuff!  Happy Giraffes~ Belinda

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