August 18, 2012

Magic, Mischief, Make-up and Jillyan!

Going to be a short post - 4 days in a row with migraines are starting to get me down.

Friday I spent with my 14 yo niece, Jillyan and we went to Olive Garden for lunch, went shopping and ran errands, rode bikes, ate DQ (yum) and then played with makeup (Sugarpill Cosmetics rock!) and then dressed up in wigs and costumes to have a very lovely and fun day!  (despite the aforesaid migraines).  I made a Cinderella dress for my niece, Lucy (had to completely take her costume apart and put it back together because she gained just enough weight in the middle of it to make it too small.  Here is Lucy (terrible photo my mom took - no one else brought a camera so apologies!)

Lucy as Cinderella October 2010

Terrible that we didn't get a better picture, especially with her looking so pretty.  I still have the dress and just need to get it photographed.  I don't think Lucy can still wear it (she was 14 here, is turning 16 soon)  We used to hang out a lot but she is getting to that age when she is all about clothes, boys and not hanging out with her aunt.  Plus she is changing (happens at this age) and we have so little in common these days.  *sigh*

Contemplating my Halloween costume for this year - thinking Steampunk but figured it will take almost 20 yards of fabric so may go more simple instead.  We dressed as fairies last year.  Bought a bunch of patterns and have been reading those today - learning a lot just by reading the patterns.  Still working on my fairy coat.  Not going as fast as I would like because I have been mostly sleeping - trying to get beyond the migraines.  I think it is just the change of season that is affecting me.

So here are the photos from my and Jillyan's Magic, Mischief and Makeup day:


Jillyan and me - she borrowed my mannequin's wig - poor mannequin!

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