August 12, 2012

Working on Fairy Coat

I am working on a fairy coat today.  Took forever to find a screwdriver to remove the needles but serger is running so much better with new needles.  Guess you need to replace those every once in a while!  :o)  Want to introduce you to Katwise - the inspiration for my new fairy coat:

She makes her coats from sweaters but I had some leftover fabrics from Halloween 2 years ago that I wanted to use.  Very cool so far but it's like running a marathon on the serger!

I am not making a very heavy coat - just something light to wear.  I have fleece to make one for when it gets colder.  I am using a commercial pattern for mine so making the upper coat part and then adding hat and skirt.  Not sure what is up with commercial patterns but I always have to cut down the shoulders.  Weird.  Plus, based on the pattern sizing, I should wear a 14 (actually wear an 8).  Well, the pattern that is supposed to fit my measurements is too big.  Just a crap shoot when working with commercial patterns I guess.

SO  I have the upper of the coat done except for the sleeves and zipper.  Will work on the putting the sleeves in first and then switch to working on a giant hat!  Once the hat is attached, I will have a better idea what length of zipper I will need to put in.  The skirt is going to be a challenge - so much sewing!  Still, can't wait until it is done and then I can start on the next one!  Once the coat is done, I bought some cool tulle-like fabric to make a crinoline/underskirt.  Going to be fantastic.  My sister is getting married in September, might wear it for that!  She is having a very casual outdoor wedding so can wear whatever I want!  Add some fun into the festivities!

Just taking a break to write this - back to putting in sleeves!  Having a blast but it is hard work!  Will sleep good tonight dreaming of twirling in my new coat!

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