July 09, 2013

Shadows - Story I'm writing

Hanna has never been alone.  She's always had something special about her but she can't tell anyone because no one would believe her.  Her parents died when she was young and she's living with an aunt who ignores her.  She meets Rafe, a mysterious stranger who know a lot about her parents and maybe even her secret.  She wants to know the truth but she's also afraid.  What if what she thinks is special about herself is actually very dangerous and dark?  She's trapped between innocence and evil and doesn't know what path to choose.  Drew Cavender is rich, handsome and a deadly and dangerous man who wants to possess Hanna.  Hanna's life now is drowned in shadows but Drew offers a life of light and luxury.  Does Hanna stay true to herself in the shadows or chose to become a shadow of herself? 

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