July 13, 2013

Story Time with my Brother

My brother came over today so I could help him record a video for a website.  I have photo equipment and lights and can do a much nicer quality video for him than he could do at home.  It was fun hanging out with him and I LOVE talking to him about the stories I have bouncing around in my head.  

I have one I'm working on right now; I have the initial idea, the very beginning and have started developing some of the main characters, but was having difficulty figuring out what direction to go.  I like to have an end to my story before I start writing so I kind of know what I'm writing towards (although I am always open for plot twists and taking off on strange tangents!).  My brother is not a writer but I love how he gets so excited about and involved in my stories when I tell him about them.  He always comes up with the most amazing ideas.  It opens up this whole new world to me that I wasn't able to see before.    It makes writing an even better adventure to be able to share it with him. 

In the next week or so I hope to upload some stories for you to read.  I'm hoping to get some feedback soon on a book I wrote.  I'm having a few friends read it to get their input and then will make any necessary changes.  It's pretty long so will need to cut down about 20,000 words - yuck!  Anyway, I am hoping to be able to get it published so will keep you posted!  

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