July 20, 2013

True Story

So I went to the club one night and this guy spent the entire night hounding me for my telephone number.  In desperation I gave it to him hoping it would stop the annoyance and let me get back to enjoying hanging out and dancing with my friends.  A week later he still hadn't called and that made me really angry.  He had ruined a perfectly great evening out with friends by his incessant demands for my number.  So I looked up his number and called him.  When he answered the phone I started yelling at him about being an idiot and on and on and the guy on the line said, "Wait.  I think you have the wrong guy."  He asked me to describe the guy I was trying to call and it turned out he had the same name, was the same height, lived on the same side of town, but his hair was brown not blonde.

I apologized profusely and was trying to get off the phone when he asked me to tell him why I was so angry.  We talked for 2 hours.  At the end of the conversation he asked for my telephone number and I told him, "I've already given you my number once.  I'm not going to risk it again."  Over the next couple of months, I would randomly pick up the phone and call him and we would talk for hours.  We became really good friends.  I did eventually give him my number and he would call and we would go out for dinner.  He was a really great guy.

Then one day my best friend decided she liked him and went behind my back to destroy my relationship with him.  She wanted him to be hers but instead she hurt two people who were too shy to say they liked each other.  A year later she told me she had gone out with him twice and the entire time he had talked about me.  He even had a teddy bear named after me.  I wonder sometimes what might have happened if she had been a better friend and honest with me about what he had said.  Instead our relationship became awkward and stilted and eventually we lost touch.  I miss him like crazy sometimes.  He was so awesome to talk to and I could tell him everything and anything.  Last I heard he was married.

I want to write a story - maybe a fan fiction or short story - about what happened.  Maybe then it will feel like a part of him is still in my life.  I don't even have a picture of him to show you.

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