August 01, 2013

Writing it Down

I am writing my dreams down every day but the stories they tell are coming so fast and furious I sometimes wonder whether I'll be able to get them all written down.  Every dream seems to be a full-length story from beginning to middle to end and whether a short story or a book, I don't know; but I do know that the stories my dreams tell are always curious and interesting to me.  They always take me in directions I never imagined.  I always learn new things about myself and how I feel about the world.  

A lot of my dreams are about relationships and I'm learning to understand the motives of the characters.  The questions I ask them are changing as well - are they seeking love?, are they seeking to be loved?, are they seeking to love someone else because they don't love themselves?, are they seeking to make whole some part of themselves through love, are they trying to fix something that happened in their life through love?, do they see love as a gift or as a burden?  For what reasons will they walk away from love?  To protect their heart, to protect some belief, to protect their way of life?

So many questions.  I'm curious to see what answers I find in my stories.  Sweet dreams!

1 comment:

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