September 02, 2013

Strange Dreams

I'm on an antibiotic right now for a kidney infection.  This is the 4th antibiotic I have taken for it - hope it works!  The antibiotic I am on right now states on the insert that it can cause problems with sleeping and I have to agree.  Lately when I sleep I feel like I am awake and dreaming.  I had a very "Alice in Wonderland" type dream last night but I remember only tiny bits and pieces.  

I woke with the lines of a poem running through my mind but now I can only remember the phrase: 10,000 kisses upon his lips.  Apparently I was in love with a man who aged a little bit every time I kissed him and the 10,000th kiss would be his last.  I calculated if I only kissed him once a day, that would still be 27 years together but when you are in love, all you want is to be able to kiss the one you love.  It felt kind of sad and melancholy.  I wish I could remember the rest of the poem. 

In another dream, I visited a very nice lady who lived in a glass dome.  You stepped off the edge of the kitchen into a large pool - the window panes of the dome were triangles and at night they would be covered with panels for privacy.  I remember thinking it might be a cool way to live until I realized there was no way to open the windows.  I also noticed upon waking that there were no plants there either - I wondered how she got oxygen to breathe.  There were other strange creatures and strange goings-on but they are very shadowy and fragmented.  I kept buying and selling houses and I would move out of a beautiful mansion into a wreck and then have to make a deal to get my first house back.  There was a strange stack of books and I was quite small compared to them.  At the top was a creature that would answer questions for a small fee.  Can't remember what question I asked him but it seemed very vital in the dream.  

I have 10 more days on the antibiotic.  I'm starting to miss sleeping.  Last night I went to bed at 2 am and was still awake at 7 a.m.  I think I managed to escape to a dream sometime after 9 a.m. and then woke up just after 11 am.  I tried to go back to sleep but no such luck!

Painting and writing today.  Also working on creating some headings and images for other sites I maintain.  I need to get some cleaning done but this is the first day in a long time I have had any energy so have been playing instead of cleaning.  HG!  Belinda

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