February 05, 2014

Winter Fantasy - Dream

This morning, February 4, 2014, I woke up in the middle of a dream.  I think it might be the beginning of a new story but I wanted to share the dream.  It starred a version of Oh Sehun that does not really exist in this world but I am including some photos of him just so you can kind of get an idea of the visual I saw in my dream.  Oh Sehun is in the Korean pop group, EXO.  He's a lead dancer and visual.

I'm 16 or 17.  I've recently gone through puberty and am struggling with the changes to my body.  I've suddenly developed breasts and my face and figure have become more beautiful and socially desirable.  I'm uncomfortable with the changes but even more so with the way everyone around me treats me now.  I look in the mirror and don't recognize myself.  In an effort to hide the changes, I wear concealing clothing and put my hair up in a ponytail.

I have gone to the store and bought some groceries for my mom.  There are several gallons of milk sitting in the floorboard on the passenger side and one of the milk containers has broken, spilling milk all over the floorboards and carpet and even some of the seat front.  I'm angry and pissed off about the milk but when I come home and see my lecherous old neighbor sitting on the porch talking with my mother, it really pisses me off.  I park the car in the garage, unload the groceries and then set to work cleaning up the mess.  If the milk dries, it will leave a horrible smell in my car.

I'm in a foul mood and as I'm cleaning, friends of my brother's keep coming in to interrupt me.  Some to tease and some to flirt.  I hate them all and I hate their attention.  I get so mad I end up locking the door to the house from inside the garage just to be left alone.

I'm working hard cleaning up the mess and it's a hot summer day.  Stuck in the garage I am soon sweating.  I take off my sweatshirt and jeans and continue to clean wearing only a light fitted t-shirt and shorts.  After a short time I am sweating again from the effort to clean the car.  I offhandedly mutter a wish for a cool winter breeze to cool me down.

Finally I manage to get the car cleaned out so that it won't smell.  I need to throw away the trash bag containing the paper towels I used to clean up the mess.  I unlock the door leading into the house and discover it has been locked from inside the house.  This does not improve my mood.

I take a big breath and blow it out angrily and am shocked to see my breath hang in the air.  I shiver and realize it has gotten much cooler.  I grab the remote garage door opener and stand next to the garage door as I raise it intending to dash out to the trash can, toss the bag in, and then dash back to the garage without being seen.

As the door raises, I am startled to see a thin wall of ice that stretches completely across the opening of the garage.  Embedded in the ice are giant delicate and intricate snowflakes.  Through the ice I can see that the world has completely transformed into a winter wonderland.  Icicles hang from every surface but they are curly and zigzagged.  Some look like the ice stopped at various points along the icicle to form clear balls of ice of various sizes.  The houses across the street are nearly indistinguishable and the trees, covered in snow, make the world look like it has been taken over by a fantastical winter landscape.  The moon, preternaturally large in the sky, gives the world a slightly alien feel.

I raise my hand and place it on the surface of the ice wall and the ice, instead of melting, crinkles away from my warm touch as if alive.  I am fascinated by the process and fail at first to realize I am not alone.  I look up and into the eyes of the most beautiful boy.  Pale skin, blonde almost colorless hair, and eyes the color of glass cleaner; transparent, icy, and inquisitive.

He smiles and I giggle, embarrassed at having been caught unawares.  He laughs too and the deep baritone surprises me for someone so young.  He touches the ice wall and the edges crinkle away creating an archway large enough for me to pass through.  I can see more of him now.  He's tall with a slight build but I sense strength in his figure.  He's wearing a long form-fitting silver fur coat with a scarf the color of a blue disposable cup around his neck, contrast to the color of his eyes.

He introduces himself, "I'm Paeter."  I introduce myself.  He holds out his hand.  "I've been waiting for you."  I hesitate for only a second before taking his hand.  I take one step and I'm standing on the precipice.  He smiles and I take another step until I stand beside him in the wintry landscape.  We take a step together away from the ice wall and I shiver, suddenly keenly aware of the cold.

I tell him I need to run in and get a coat and turn around only to find the archway now yards away, only the light shining through evidence that my house exists.  I turn to look at Paeter to ask how this has happened when we took only a few steps.  He is still smiling but now he holds a long elegant red fox fur coat.  I turn one last time to look back to my house and the light from the archway is almost completely extinguished now; houses unrecognizable. 

I feel as Paeter wraps the coat around my shoulders and suddenly, I am warm from head to toe.  I discover that I am somehow already wearing thick warm boots.  My t-shirt and shorts are now a beautiful long sleeved silk gown.  It is blue but so pale as to be almost white.  The necklace I wear looks as if it is made of snowflakes and diamonds.

Paeter's arms surround me in a gentle embrace.  His cool breath sends shivers down my spine as he whispers in my ear, "Come or we will be late."  Paeter takes a step away from me and I turn to look into his Windex™ blue eyes.  I smile, take a step and reach out to take his hand.  Together we walk deeper into the forest.  I have no idea where I am, where I am going, or why I've chosen to leave everything I know behind.  I only know that he is here and he has been waiting for me.

--Belinda, 2/4/2014

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