December 23, 2018

2018: You Sucked

2018 sucked so hard, I feel lucky to have survived it.  Still 8 more days so maybe I should keep that on the qt.  Since no one reads this blog anymore, thought I'd write some random thoughts and send them out in the infinite cosmos of the internet.  Hi everyone!  and no one.

2018 was a year of losses in every area.  Mental, physical, emotional and financial and other intangible areas.  I lost my best friend to stupidity - hers, not mine although some would say I share the blame for loving her unconditionally.  Take some advice from me.  If you are going to love someone unconditionally, make sure they love you the same.  When you discover they don't, you might as well rip your heart out and throw it away.  It won't work the same after.

I stopped writing for a long time and haven't really done much creative except for acrylic painting classes my stepfather has been teaching.  Next time I'll post some photos.  I'm not good, but he's a great teacher.  No worries that I'll exceed him.  My bosses got me watercolor classes for next year so another creative adventure awaits.

I've discovered a few allies and learned a great deal about myself in 2018.  Perhaps good does come from bad, but we only discover it after time passes. 

I will end 2018 much the same way I've ended every other year.  I'll bake a cake for the new year, celebrate the neighbor's fireworks by whooping and hollering and covering my tree with silly string.  However, instead of staying up all night watching movies, I'll paint or write.  I'd like to end the year on a creative high.  God knows I need one.

I'll also say a prayer that 2019 be kinder and gentler.  Or at least not so difficult to navigate. 

My goals for 2019 are simple.  Live differently, keep only what I need, celebrate the small moments, hug my cats as much as they will let me, write, paint and live simply.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and as always, Happy Giraffes!

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