May 26, 2009

Drama Drama Drama

My grandmother died last week and since then it has been drama, drama, drama in my family. Flew to Florida for the funeral. For a supposedly sunshiney state, it rained and stormed the whole time we were there. Fit my mood. The beaches were flooded so no ocean view to remind us of the infiniteness of time and space in contrast to the finite quality of life. Oh well. What is it about a death in the family that brings out all the crazieness?
I have been home since Sunday and have been hiding out in my studio. Will have some yummy stuff to show you later tonight or tomorrow. Depends on my progress and how much cooperation I get from my studio. I am fighting a big overhaul project in the studio - too much stuff, not enough space. Feeling a little cramped but am putting off dealing with it in favor of just creating. I expect about midnight tonight I will be ready to deal with it. Something about the middle of night making it easier to see what needs to be done. Well I am off - hg - Belinda

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