June 11, 2009

Canvas Cuff Bracelets

Photos of some of the canvas bracelets I have been working on. I will post better photos when I get them back. Last weekend I participated in a trunk show with my doll club and I won't get my stuff back until the next doll club meeting. The trunk show was a lot of work to prepare for and in the end, we did not sell anything. However, it was a learning experience and we made some great contacts. The owners of the shop have invited artists from our club who make small dolls or other small items to place some items in the store. I am thinking about it but not sure that is the venue for my stuff. When I get my merchandise back, I am thinking about putting some of it up on etsy. Will let you know when that happens.
I've been having some problems with sleep lately. The problem specifically is staying asleep. I keep having waking dreams, sometimes called REM disorder. However I think my issues are brought on by stress. So did a bit of a destress journaling last night and feel better today. I imagine there are a lot of people who are experiencing stress right now with the economy. Anyway, I find myself walking into the next room and realizing I am dreaming. Very weird. Not getting much sleep so have been sleeping more and doing less. Not good.
Have been taking an online painting class but have not actually started the first painting. Will be doing some catch up this weekend. The hardest part about the class is that we did not have a specific list of paints and materials so I have been ordering supplies practically every week since the class began. Decided to wait until all the videos are posted and then place one last order. I do have the supplies for at least the first 3-4 paintings so will work on them and then next week, place my order. I am having fun watching the videos and am learning a ton just by doing that but I know I will love the actual process of painting. I come from a dye background so painting is a bit of a mystery to me. One of the reasons I took the class.
Angels are progressing - 6 have their armor and beading and only need hair and wings and 4 are still waiting for their embellishment. I want to get them finished this weekend as well. So much to do, so little time.
Well I am off. Today is a cleaning day - finally managed to get up at a decent time and now have a week's worth of chores to do. Have a great creative day! HG Belinda

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