April 04, 2009

Eliya: Mermaid

I have been working on finishing up old projects in the studio and this mermaid has probably been hanging around since early 2000. The body started as an experiment in trying to develop a more realistic bust. I would find the body every once in a while, do some work on it and lose it again in the studio. The last time I found it, I painted/dyed it and stamped it with gold lumiere. That was probably 2 or 3 years ago. About 4 months ago when I got serious about finishing up old doll and quilt and other projects, there she was again. When you are a dollmaker, you tend to have a stash of left over body parts from old projects. Some people save them and others think it is creepy to have them lying around. I save some, pitch some. I have a special bowl for all the rejected heads -- they will be perfect for something eventually -- and that was especially true for this doll. One of the heads was perfect for her! Her body, despite the overly large bust, is actually quite small and I was having some difficulty getting arms and hands made for her. The first set of arms I made for her were very muscular (she swims a lot, wouldn't her arms be pretty buff?). Also, I usually work a little bit larger (she's about 10"). I asked a friend from doll club who works really tiny and she taught me to use teeny tiny finger turning tubes. I usually just use my hemostats but for really tiny fingers, you can't beat the finger turning tubes. I think the arms she has now fit her much better. Since her head came pre-dyed (same color as original project for which it was made), I had to match the arms/hands to the colors on her body - that was fun but I think it turned out great. Finally, her hair is more silk fiber from the bead store (different color range than the one I used on Solace (Tiny Angels) - love that stuff!). She is a wall doll so she will probably hang in my studio or somewhere else in my house. I may even make a quilted background for her - I have a wall quilt that needs to be finished which has a sea feel to it . . . Anyway, here is Eliya in her entirety:
My mom was in the emergency room today - they are keeping her all weekend for observation - her blood pressure jumped up really high. I didn't get much done today but hopefully will have some time tomorrow. My sister is setting us up to visit in shifts and since I am the night owl, I will likely have an evening shift. I don't mind - all the rest of my family are early risers - has to be one member of every family who dances to a different beat! Just glad it is me! I hope you are all happy, healthy, and harmonically wealthy! Happy Giraffe! B

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