November 14, 2009

Classes, Journals, Books and Covers Oh My!

I like to purchase the black spiral bound notebooks for journaling but I have so many, I can never seem to find the one I am currently journaling in. Have been playing with dyeing some canvas (for more canvas bracelets and bags). I also like to use canvas as a backing for catching overspray when spraying small pieces of fabric with dye. As a result, I have some beautiful pieces of canvas laying around and it seemed the perfect durable material to use for a cover. I made this cover easy peazy breezy with my serger - basically cut the inner pieces (lining) to size (plus some), then pinned them to a larger piece of canvas and serged away! Could also sew and then bind the edges but the serged edge is pretty cool. Didn't have exactly the color of thread I needed but I made it work. Plus now that you can buy less expensive spools of serger thread, can easily afford more colors in the future. I did not think about a closure for the cover so instead just used some silk ribbon I had laying around (in my appropriately titled silk ribbon container - ta da!). I want to make another cover and maybe do a special closure and maybe some free motion embroidery or embellishment technique on it. Still, in a sea of black spiral bound notebooks, this one definitely stands out! No more having a bunch of half-written in binders. Lately, I've been doodling in my journals like crazy and its all spirals and swirls and very fluidic.
I'm taking another Julie Prichard class - Julie was the instructor for layer of love and is teaching 2 classes right now - Art Journal Super Nova I and Art Journal Super Nova II. Class I is all about making your own journals and class II is techniques for filling your new journals. Am really enjoying the class! The photos below show my first 3 journals. first 2 approx are 6.5 x 8.5 and the one on the bottom is approx. 4.5 x 11:5 (long tall skinny). The colors shifted in the first photo - the stripe is actually very subtle and the pink is not so washed out. On the long tall skinny one, I painted the masa paper used to cover it. Very cool! HG! Belinda

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