July 12, 2009

Studio Project

Here are photos of my studio with the bright yellow walls (actually showing up a little darker in the photos). Everything is much better organized and I can find things! Found a bunch of little items that need to be finished (pindolls, bags, etc.) so they are on the table awaiting some attention. Was an interesting weekend - had rain all day Saturday until about 7:00 p.m. and then the sun came out.
Lisa, my sis in law, was over to clean last night and we got to talking about wanting to take a real vacation this year. After all this is my first year to have 4 weeks of vacation! We are thinking of renting a beach house - I'd love to find an affordable one with a pool. I am not sure about swimming in the ocean - depends on where we end up. I want to take my paints and some smaller projects to work on. I think we are planning on driving so it has to be within a 10 hour radius of Indianapolis, Indiana and also be in a location where it stays warm enough to swim in September. We have found a few hopefuls at www.homeaway.com but have not settled on one yet. Found a lovely one on Don Pedro Island but we are concerned about having to take a car ferry anytime we need to go somewhere. Could get expensive. But the house is beautiful and the sand is white and the water is gorgeous. Still looking for the perfect house though. Good news is that most of the beach houses for rent have availability in September. I just want to hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach while I fall asleep. I'm not sure I want to live by the ocean but there is a certain allure to try and at least visit it every so often.
Today will be a short day - very tired this morning so did not get out of bed before noon. Sore from moving a lot last night and moving a very large cabinet. Lisa and I talked so much last night that I have lost my voice today. Should be quiet at work though - not much talking required!
Have a great Sunday! HG! Belinda

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