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About me or how I became a writer.

Until two years ago, I was an artist primarily working with fabric: fabric dyeing, beading, machine quilting and embroidery, and pretty much anything else you can do with fabric!  I especially loved making dolls and figurative art.  

I work as a legal secretary in a very busy law firm.  I injured my thumb, I suffered a repetitive motion injury, and have had to give up doing fiber art for the most part.  I've been a creative person all my life and it was incredibly difficult to imagine a life that didn't involve sewing.

I became quite depressed as I tried different types of art, painting, making journals, and other things but nothing nourished my spirit quite like fiber art had.  I fell into a deep pit of despair and spent most of my time sleeping or watching TV.  I wrote about my struggles a bit on this blog.

One long weekend, I stumbled upon a Korean drama on Netflix called My Princess.  It was good and long and killed a lot of time. After that I watched another Korean drama, You're beautiful, and I was hooked.  I started listening to Korea music which is oddly happy, even the sad songs.  I got my niece hooked on them and we started hanging out.  She was 13 at the time and will be turning 15 soon.  The music and the dramas lifted my spirits but spending time with my niece was exciting because I began to think like a kid again.

When I was 11 or 12, I heard the quote "No man knows when he falls asleep."  I started to turn into a bit of an insomniac and started telling myself stories to help me go to sleep.  I also had these incredibly long, detailed dreams which in effect were also stories with a beginning, middle and end.  I used to tell my friends about my dreams and they always said, "Write it down."  

When I started hanging out with my niece, I started telling her some of my dreams and stories and she kept insisting I write them down.  I had some vacation in April of this year (2013) and spent the first 3 days writing down the story, Finding Light, a fan fiction about a severely depressed girl who travels to Korea to follow Big Bang on tour and what comes from one monumental decision.  I barely slept or ate, I was so excited about writing this story.  When I was done it was nearly 60 pages in MS Word. 

After I finished writing Finding Light, I vowed to start writing down all of my dreams.  One simple dream turned into a 186 page book (186 pages in MS Word but needs to be cut down a bit), which I am hopeful to get published sometime in the future.  I am now working on 4 other stories of various lengths, including one called Cafe which is a story I am telling in paragraphs, each paragraph hopefully standing on its own as a story.  (See the main page for the parts).  Eventually, I will post them as one entire story on a separate page.

I love writing and creating stories.  Imagining different voices telling those stories.  When I was a kid, I used to say that there were thousands of people inside of me trying to get out.  They are getting out now and I am having a blast!  I thought at one point that there would never be another creative outlet that fed my soul quite like fabric but I was wrong.  Thankfully and happily, I was wrong!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your day is filled with Happy Giraffes!  Belinda

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