December 04, 2009

Beach Vacation

Sorry it has taken so long to share my beach vacation with you. One thing about vacations is that you never really know what you take home with you until some time has passed.  I love that my sister, Beth, and I were able to reconnect on this trip.  Since brain surgery in 2002 (mine for a brain aneurysm - I'm fine!), our relationship has not been exactly the best - I won't go into why but we are doing much better.  We talked so much over the 4 days she was there.  In the morning watching the waves crash upon the ocean and drinking orange juice; while swimming in the pool; hanging out getting groceries and running errands; looking at the multitude of stars in the sky every night (I forgot there were so many!).  I feel like I have a much better understanding of who she is. 

The beach was not sandy like you would think but rather was made up of millions of crushed sea shells left every morning on the beach.  What surprised me was how loud it was  - the waves crashing on the shore, the wind.  We didn't see any boats for the first 2 days and then it seemed like they were everywhere.  Even a couple boats out all night.  We say maybe 10 people on the beach and in the area the whole time we were there. 

The pool was great - we spent every afternoon swimming and playing in it - usually in the early afternoon when the day was getting really hot. I don't know what people do at the beach in the heat of the day - sleep? 

Me in my favorite pool floatie chillin out - Beth with the camera in the pool taking a self portrait

Beth braved the gas grill which was missing a couple of nobs and grilled some steaks that were absolutely delicious!   Cooked just the way I like (something a few restaurants haven't been able to do)!  I made chicken fajitas one night.  We got our nails done one day - Beth had a manicure and I had a medi-pedi.  Beth talked to another lady there who mentioned Aunt Kate's as a great place to eat so we lunched there - very, very good food but very hard to find!  We walked around after lunch and found this sign:

I have 3 orange and white tabby cats so Beth thought it would make a great photo!  Unfortunately, the photo taken of Beth and I together by the waitress did not turn out - too dark!

Beth left on Tuesday and I had the house to myself.  I felt a bit scattered - like my energy was scattered all over the house and I spent some time getting used to being there alone.  Beth is a huge presence and leaves any place a bit empty.  After she left, I read a lot - about 5 books (I read very fast), I swam everyday (mostly floated), and just hung out and chilled.  One of the things I most liked about the house we stayed in (besides the pool) was the openness of the house to the outside world - you could see the sky, the beach and the ocean from everywhere in this house!  And the ocean was a constant companion with the waves crashing a fit soundtrack to the time I was there.  Other than in the pool and in the car, we didn't listen to music.  Did not even turn on the TV once.  It was amazing.  We felt so sorry for the people who built their houses across the street from the houses on the beach - so close and yet so far.  Another thing I loved about the house was the collection of glasses and plates - it was fun every meal to choose the vessels to hold your food.  Since returning home, I have set out to recreate that a bit.  I like the different shapes and weights of glassware.  My sister says she has too many choices already and thinks its a bit odd.  She's not an artist like me. 

Even though I packed paints and supplies to paint everyday, I never did unpack them.  I wanted to toward the end but it seemed kind of silly to drag them all out.  I do still want to do a painting or journal page about our trip.  We are looking for new destinations for our next beach vacation - maybe Florida Keys, Cancun or even a cruise.  Who knows but I'm glad she is thinking of her and I taking another trip together. 

Tomorrow I will hopefully have photos of my advent calendar I made last year as well as a small project to share!  HG Belinda

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