October 20, 2011


I've been feeling a bit lost and bewildered lately.  I have not been spending much time in the studio.  Really about the only thing I have been spending much time doing is sleeping.  When the weather starts to turn cold, I just want to hibernate.  Unfortunately, Halloween is less than 2 weeks away and I have wings to make!  Yep, wings.  Fairy Wings.  Friday I am dyeing the silk for my wings - lots of dots and swirls and when they are done, I am going to burn the edges and burn some holes in the middle of the dots!  I am so excited - more excited about this one thing than I have been about anything for a while.  My 15 yo niece is coming over Saturday to dye her wings - not sure where she stands on burning but silk is so awesome when it is burned!  YUM!  Definitely will take some photos.  Have also been spending an inordinate amount of time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube to get ideas for fairy makeup - OMG there are so many great little companies coming out with the most delicious makeup - I don't wear a lot of makeup - I have sensitive eyes so about once or twice a year is about it but the new bright colors make me want to go CRAZY!  My 13yo and 15yo nieces are coming to my house on Saturday 10/29 to get ready for a halloween party - we are all dressing as fairies (okay they will be fairy princesses and I'll be the queen - slightly worse for wear!) but I can't wait to do makeup and hair with them.  I have bought some juicy items and can't wait to try them out.  Just have to get some good makeup remover or I will be a mess.

I bought 5mm habatoi silk for the wings so they will have the effect of having a life of their own.  OMG I want to buy like 100 yards of this silk and make a fabulous dress that swishes and whispers while I walk.  Wish I had someplace great to wear something like that.  My big thing is fabric dyeing so I can imagine all the wonderful wild colors I would dye a dress like that.
Okay so I think I might be crazy but I am seriously thinking of checking into fashion school. I know I am like horribly old to be considering this but with dollmaking out of the question, I still have a ton of ideas for costumes and colorful stuff so thinking maybe that is the way to go.  Only thinking now will let you know.
Got a great red wig to wear for halloween - I'm kind of going a fairy goth - reds and blacks - so cool!
Sorry for not posting so much - horrible kitchen remodel - kitchen is done but still so much to do in several rooms of the house - totally not into it but has to get done!  Got to finish some grout and caulking in one room and then seal the tile on the floor and walls (long story) in one bedroom and then remove wallpaper in the family room which is currently stuffed with tons of stuff I've got to go through and determine what is to be done with it all.  Makes me sleepy just thinking about all the work.
Wish I had more to share and some great photos but I am looking forward to being a bit more active now that the horrendously life changing kitchen remodel is drawing to a close.
On a more serious note, my 15 yo kitty was just diagnosed with diabetes - shots every 12 hours oh my.  I love her so I do it but I hate it!

Take care and keep on coloring outside the lines - Be happy!

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