July 18, 2009

Doll Club Meeting; Class

Today was the Indy Cloth Dollmakers July meeting and Nita Butler taught a small pindoll made from felt using charms, beads, etc. Here is mine - I started it at the meeting but finished it once I was home. I put a small piece of paper inside with the word Peace written in it. The edging is a bead picot edging using size 10/o beads. Unfortunately it did not photograph very well. We got a lot of stuff done at the meeting. Finally settled on our Spring 2010 workshop and now I am focusing on Fall 2010 - have 2 teachers I need to contact for informational purposes and next meeting we will decide on that. Then on to Spring 2011! As Vice President, it is my job to line up workshops for the club.
Here is the next in the series of pindolls - I haven't done any beading on the body yet or done the picot edging on the bottom, but I will put up a new photo when it is finished. Yesterday I got 12 heads sanded down to fit on the remaining 12 bodies so there will be a total of 16 when finished! Still don't know what to call them - have my angel series but not sure what these gals are! Having fun trying all sorts of beading techniques.
Looks like I will be going to the beach alone this year. I have rented a fabulous beach house and reserved a convertible so will be vacationing Barbie(tm) style this year! Hope to go sailing and paragliding but we will see what the weather is like in September.

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