July 08, 2009

Beaded Pindoll; Studio Project

The studio project is going well - still tons of stuff to put back and organize. However, whenever I go into the studio I have an overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy! I painted 2 walls with yellow paint - lemon curd and golden sunshine (yummy) - I used the funky 2 sponge roller and have highs and lows of color on the walls. I definitely recommend using this technique to paint walls but a basecoat is a definite must. I did not use a basecoat and had to paint two layers for coverage. My brother and nephew were over Saturday and they hung my shelves - they are still empty but hopefully the dolls will be unpacked and up by the end of this week. Seems so lonely without them but they will look lovely on the new shelves! I also added shelves to my bookcase - I now have 4-6" shelve space which is perfect for the containers. It is so nice to finally get organized - not only will it be easier to find things, but also easier to put things away. Oh Joy!

BTW, Lowes carries the pegs for bookcases (all kinds and sizes, ohmy!) and also long sheets of shelving which can be custom cut (by them for free) to fit any size bookcase. I added 4 shelves to one bookcase and 2 shelves to another bookcase. I kept one cabinet for odd and large size items that get used occasionally but my brother is coming next Saturday to get the other cabinet - they homeschool so they can use a cabinet to store school stuff in.

The photo above is of a little pindoll (wearable doll). I make the clay faces and the cloth stuffed bodies and sell them together with a pinback as a kit for $3; however, I haven't sold any for a long time so I thought maybe it was time to do something with them (I have about 25 assorted bodies and faces). I think I may try to sell some on Etsy, but the first one was definitely an experiment. I love to bead and live within walking distance of a lovely bead store. Finding the time to bead is another thing. Plus the faces have to be sanded down to fit exactly on the bodies and that can be time consuming and messy. Still, I love to have a little project with me at all times (even at work for those slooooowwww evenings) and these are the perfect size. Not sure what to name them - this one is so sunny - may have to add a bit more color to the face to make it match the color of the fabric a bit better.

Well, I have some time yet before I have to leave for work so I think it is back to the studio for some additional clean up and unpacking. Still plan to put up photos when it is all done - promises, promises! Happy Giraffe! Belinda

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