Cafe: A story in paragraphs

I wanted to write a story in one paragraph.  The first paragraph was all I intended to write.  I wanted to experiment with different ways of stringing words together and use a voice that was not mine.  My niece begged for more after reading the first paragraph and I told her if I continued, the story would not end well. I was in a melancholy mood and it would likely color what I wrote.  Still she insisted, I want to know what happens.  I wanted each paragraph of the story to stand alone as a separate and different story but strung together, to comprise an overall view of a random relationship.  I hope I was successful.

The end.  Hope you liked it!  Belinda




Anonymous said... sweet paragraph

Anonymous said...

Great story

Anonymous said...

Good story 🤍 I'ma write it down and put it name :)