May 06, 2009

Angels Abound

Here is the latest batch of angels all ready for their heads, wings, and embellishments. Have not had time to work on them - too many appointments and errands so far this week interfering with me getting into the studio. Hopefully tomorrow I can move them forward on their journey. I love dyeing fabric! You just never know what you will get and the results are always amazing. Below are heads for the angels and heads and arms for the mermaids all waiting patiently. I love fabric bowls - they are so great for holding miscellania in the studio and are easily stacked and stored when not in use.
The bowl below was one of the first ones I made - I didn't really have a clue how to do it so it is a bit of a mess - I love it! It is so bright and colorful! No matter how messy my studio gets (and it seems to get very messy when I am working on something), I can always find this bowl! In the bottom of the bowl I have put a saying loosely based on a quote from Kalil Gibran's The Prophet: The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the greater your capacity for joy. I love that! And so true as well!

I have been searching nearby craft stores for carving blocks - want to carve some new blocks for stamping and printing. The best prices seem to be online but I'm not patient enough to wait. I found a few Staedtler Mastercarve blocks. These are pretty thick so I hopefully will be able to carve a stamp on each side. I can't wait to start carving some new stamps. I am thinking some organic type stamps like rocks/stones, grasses, texture. Fun! Oh well, have some chores before meditation and then off to work! Happy Giraffe! Belinda

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