June 16, 2009

Layer Love Classwork

I am taking an on-line painting class with Julie Pritchard called Layer Love. The class concludes June 24 and I am way behind on my class paintings. There are 9 paintings in all and I have been keeping the local art stores and Dick Blick's busy with orders for supplies (one of the reasons I am behind is that when you order something online, it doesn't magically appear when you press submit - instead there is processing and shipping. . . .) Not to mention trying to find time to paint.
Anyway, the red painting above is my painting from class 1 and the second blue/green painting is my painting from class 2. Julie is working on a new class to start in September. I highly recommend her classes! Julie's blog: http://www.lostluggage.typepad.com/
Other than painting, I haven't been doing much in the studio. Feeling a bit under the weather - stomach bug. Also, the weather here as been downright depressing! Praying for sun. HG Belinda

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