August 28, 2009

Paintings, Blogging, Vacation

Here are the next two paintings from my class - the top painting is class 7 and the bottom painting is class 6. I'm starting to branch out a bit with colors and experiment a bit more on my own. Am still really enjoying the class - only 2 more class projects and I am done. Julie is currently offering a new class all about art journals - check out her website at
Sorry have not been blogging - my thumb is giving me all sorts of problems. Too much time at the computer - at work and at home and also all the other stuff you use your thumbs for! Trying to get the other one to pick up the slack but it is not as well trained!
My doll club had their fall workshop last weekend. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work! Learned a bunch and had fun experimenting. Have a shopping list of items to purchase next payday! I came home with about 8 gourds of various sizes. Had fun painting one with alcohol inks; burned a pattern into another one. Definitely have a wood burner on my list for christmas!
Only 3 weeks until my beach vacation and already the people where I work are starting to panic! I am a night legal secretary for a large lawfirm. I happen to have some pretty mad skills that are very highly valued by the attorneys and staff I work for. They always panic when I go on vacation but this is the first time in 10 years I have taken a 2 week vacation and September is shaping up to be a very crazy busy month. I guess it is some kind of job security! And I have been getting some lovely compliments, although in a backhand sort of way. I do love the people I work with!
Well my thumb is complaining and I still have to put everything back in my studio from last weekend's workshop. So away I go like a Happy Giraffe! Belinda

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Julie Prichard said...

These look great, Belinda- I really like the colors o the second one!