June 27, 2009

Layer Love Class 3 & 4; Studio Redo

Here are class 3 and class 4 finished paintings. I loved working with the golds, reds and browns but the grays were very hard for me. If you click on either of the images above, you can see a larger image. The gray painting we used Distress Crackle paste (picket fence) which is wonderful stuff! Crackles like crazy. Michael's carries it but you really have to look since it is on a lower shelf. Will be working on finishing painting 5 tonight and maybe start painting 6. Still need to do some prep work for painting 9 but it is so hot and humid here will wait a day or so - supposed to have some big storms coming that will cool it down a bit.
I am just starting a large studio redo project - have a small mural on one wall that is ghastly and need to paint over it (was painted by my stepfather who is marvelous and wonderful when it comes to painting landscapes but not so much when it comes to dragons and fairy processions). Going to brighten the walls a bit with a bright yellow color and also add some shelves to display my dollies and also my collection of small containers - love to collect tiny containers. Unfortunately, the studio is packed to the gills so the first step is to pack up most of the stuff that is outside of cabinets and shelves. Have to move at least one bookcase or cabinet out to make room to paint the big wall. One of the smaller walls has some drywall damage which will need to be fixed but first I need to get the wallpaper stripped off. Will enlist the help of my brother to repair the drywall. Nice having handy brothers! The studio will be lovely when finished and maybe I will feel like being in there more. Hoping to bring a bit more organization into it so I can access and find things easier. I am going to work this week on getting stuff packed and moved out and getting everything on the big wall taped off. I plan to start with the primer Thursday morning and hopefully finish the painting Thursday evening or Friday. Then will spend the rest of my holiday weekend stripping wallpaper and priming the other 2 walls. One wall will stay white for contrast.

After the painting is done, then comes the fun part - getting the shelves put up and organizing the rest of my studio! I will take photos and post them when it is all finished!
I have a large wooden table my brothers made for me which holds my sewing machines nice and steady when in use. I am thinking of painting it a lighter yellow color to brighten it up as well. Can't wait - very excited! Off to pack!
Happy giraffe! Belinda

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